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Did you ever sleepwalk? Moving through two realities simultaneously can be disorienting, even dangerous. And what remains in the morning, once you wake? Will it all be forgotten, or will there be queues around you on how far you have wandered? My story is stored in this space we both share. Invisible fragments within vertical stacks of memory layered on the grounds you are walking on. Move through this space using my mental map to locate five gateways. Each location holds a dream log. In a parallel state, I have encountered a creature. Omnipresent and all encompassing. One could call it, the very soul of things, the heartbeat flushing life into the lifeless. In order for us to meet face to face, I had to enter a mirror world. Follow my steps to uncover my nightly visions.

LOG 1 03:02:00 01-10-22 CHANNEL 24

LOG 2 02:42:00 02-10-22 CHANNEL 82

LOG 3 03:36:00 03-10-22 CHANNEL 62

LOG 4 03:86:00 05-10-22 CHANNEL 22

LOG 5 06:86:00 06-10-22 CHANNEL 15